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A Complete Blend Of Personal, Professional & Spiritual Lives Together

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Just Observe, Do Not Absorb

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Don't Try To Prove Yourself, Try To Improve Yourself

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Change Your Vibrations, Change Your Life

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Discover Yourself

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A Journey Of Soul Towards Enlightenment

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A Divine Welcome

Entire Universe is made of vibrations. VSS connects you to the highest vibration through various kriyas, meditations and divine songs.

$Have you ever thought? Gift

  • Who am I?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • What makes me happy and satisfied?

$Most of us come up with a reply gift

  • I am a normal human being,
  • Purpose of my life is to make myself, my near & dear ones happy.
  • Achieving all materialistic goals & appreciation makes me happy.

$Do we actually feel happy after achieving all materialistic goals? gift

  • IT’S A BIG NO!
  • After achieving what we want, we experience momentary happiness and next minute there is again a vacuum….. again want for something else…


All this leads to Stress, Disharmony, Unhappiness, Expectation, Disease.. How does one handle all this? Most of the experts tell us what our problem is and suggest that we should behave in a specific manner. It becomes practically impossible to get rid of any problem without knowing the root cause.

$We believe in getting to the root cause of your problem and burning/ dissolving the problem completely gift

  • HOW?
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By practicing VSS, one can achieve Peace, Harmony, Security, Knowledge, Stable Mind, Health, Prosperity…Abundance

Discover Yourself by Discovering Happiness

Every human being craves for success in life. We all struggle for a successful career,healthy relationship, achieving materialistic goals… Achieving & retaining success is possible only if our mind set is balanced. Every action is a result of some thought in our mind. Balanced thoughts lead to balanced mind-set resulting in right action. A person with balanced mind-set is successful & content through out. Entire Universe is made of vibrations. All objects in this universe are vibrating at different frequencies. Since every thought is a vibration, we need to remain connected to the highest vibration constantly. VSS connects you to the highest vibration through various kriyas, meditations and divine songs. This helps in changing your mind-set at a very fast pace. Negative thought vibrations are transformed to positive, we gradually start remaining in witness mode throughout. It is very important to practice VSS meditation daily to raise our consciousness. This helps in dissolving all fears & insecurities leading to peace, harmony,contentment, prosperity & good health.

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Discover Yourself by Discovering Happiness.