Q) What is the actual meaning of meditation? Why do we need to meditate? Can we attain self- realization without meditating?

A) Human mind constantly thinks about something that has happened in the past or about what will happen in the future. These thoughts are either good or bad. Good thoughts lead to positive vibrations and bad thoughts lead to negative vibrations. It is human nature to feel worried & insecured about most of the things in life and generate negative vibrations. All this has an impact on your nervous system leading to ill- health and imbalanced mind-set. We are always either in the past or in future. There is no peace as we either think about good memories of past and are unhappy that those days will never come back or think about all bad things that we have gone through. In both cases we are unhappy & are worried about the future most of the times. If we learn to remain in the present we will become neutral and achieve thoughtless state. Meditation helps you to remain in the present. Meditation means being in a neutral state of mind and living only in the present . It doesn’t mean sitting with closed eyes with all kind of thoughts in your mind. It means one has to achieve & retain neutrality 24×7. One needs practice to achieve this, so it is very important to sit peacefully in a corner with closed eyes for some time and connect to your inner- self & divine. VSS connects you to the highest vibration automatically. You start becoming positive and then neutral at a very fast pace and learn to observe everything without absorbing. It gives CESA effect to your mind ie. Cleansing, Enhancing, Strengthening & accelerating the mind. Slowly all thoughts start disappearing and this helps you to remain in the present always. Since there are no thoughts there is no past and no future. It helps in dissolving all insecurities and helps in maintaining a balanced mind-set. You become more focused in life and start excelling in everything that you do. This leads to peace, harmony & contentment in your life. Meditating for some time can help you to remain in the same mode constantly. So it is very important to meditate. Without practice of meditation it is not possible to attain self-realisation.

Q) Is it necessary for any individual to have a guru or guide in order to grow spiritually?

A) In this world during our initial years we need to go to school/ college to gather knowledge. This can be done sitting at home by reading various books or guides. But still we prefer a proper school as we need an experienced person to teach us. There are lot of questions which need to be answered, we need guidance constantly. Similarly when you are on spiritual path you need a proper guide. This journey is very difficult without a Guru as we are always surrounded by illusion and there are chances of taking a wrong path without even knowing that it is wrong. A Guru always ensures that you remain on the right path. He is an assurance that what ever you do, he is always with you.

Q) What is VSS meditation? Do the sadhaks need to follow any rituals or religion while practicing VSS?

A)VSS meditation connects you to the highest vibration instantly & automatically. It helps you to raise your vibrations and make you neutral. It helps you to influence your surroundings positively. You are connected to the divine through some kriyas, chants and meditations. There are no rituals followed. There is no idol worship and no religion is preached. This meditation for all the people across the globe.

Q) In VSS do you conduct only meditations or do anything for social cause also?

A) Apart from regular meditation sessions at various locations, we work for social cause too. Our team visits various orphanages, old age homes, schools for disabled/ under- privileged children.Along with monetary help regular sessions are also conducted.

Q) Do you have a proper team for arranging sessions and doing social activity? If yes what is the profile of your team members?

A) We have a team of professionals, homemakers, college students & retired people. They all are our sadhaks and happily volunteer all VSS activities and events.

Q) Are you flexible in conducting your sessions anywhere across the globe or conduct only locally?

A) As mentioned by us earlier ,VSS is for people across the globe. There is no specific religion or any rituals followed. We have sadhaks at various locations who arrange for sessions from time to time. All these sessions are personally conducted by Shri. Milind Deo.

Q) How can an individual become a VSS sadhak?

A) To become a VSS sadhak an individual has to be initiated by Shri Milind Deo during his session. Regular sessions are conducted in Pune, India, atleast once a month for new sadhaks. The sadhak has to practice meditation everyday at home. He/ she can also attend group meditations conducted at various locations.

Q ) Who can become a VSS volunteer?

A) Any VSS sadhak who believes in selfless service can become a VSS volunteer. We have different teams for managing different job profiles which can vary from managing data to managing print and electronic media, visiting NGOs, institutions…

Q) Will VSS meditation change my lifestyle?

A) Yes VSS meditation will change your lifestyle positively if practiced regularly. It will raise your level of consciousness, make you completely focused, build your vision and will take you beyond your 6th sense (intuition) developing 7th sense i.e wisdom. It will help you to balance your lifestyle in this world .Spiritually it will take you to a different dimension without disconnecting you from this world and its pleasures.