VSS is a very effective training module catering to the needs of individuals, institutions and organisations. It is a perfect blend of Spiritual, personal and professional lifestyle. By following this module a person can not only attain and sustain enlightenment but also achieve good health, wealth, peace and harmony. It is a powerful meditation, since this meditation is Vaishwik i.e. Universal, it can be done by any one from any religion/ caste or community. There are no rituals followed in this . The only purpose of this meditation is Self realization, Self enlightenment .


VSS helps an individual to connect to oneself and ultimately the divine light. It is a journey of soul towards attaining self realization. It helps you to unveil the infinite. It helps you to upgrade your life of a finite individual to infinite consciousness.

Human mind constantly thinks about something that has happened in the past or about what will happen in the future. These thoughts are either good or bad. Good thoughts lead to positive vibrations and bad thoughts lead to negative vibrations. It is human nature to feel worried & insecured about most of the things in life and generate negative vibrations. All this has an impact on your nervous system leading to ill- health and imbalanced mind-set. We are always either in the past or in future. There is no peace as we either think about good memories of past and are unhappy that those days will never come back or think about all bad things that we have gone through. In both cases we are unhappy & are worried about the future most of the times. If we learn to remain in the present we will become neutral and achieve thoughtless state. VSS meditation helps you to remain in the present. Meditation means being in a neutral state of mind and living only in the present . It doesn’t mean sitting with closed eyes with all kind of thoughts in your mind. It means one has to achieve & retain neutrality 24×7. One needs practice to achieve this, so it is very important to sit peacefully in a corner with closed eyes for some time and connect to your inner- self & divine. VSS connects you to the highest vibration automatically & effortlessly. You start becoming positive and then neutral at a very fast pace and learn to observe everything without absorbing.



– Connecting an individual to highest vibrations and activating all the energy centers
– Healing – Deep meditations for raising one’s consciousness
– Past life regression
– Various kriyas
– Divine songs
– Aura cleansing/ Chakra shuddhi
– Panchkosh shuddhi/ Nadi shuddhi